Circulation Policy

The circulation policies of the Clay Center Carnegie Library, a lending library, exist to facilitate community access to materials and information in the library’s collection, while protecting these same collections.

 Library Card Policy

The Clay Center Carnegie Library issues library cards to facilitate loan of materials and to enable the library to keep a record of which materials are on loans to patrons.

Obtaining a Library Card

  1. Applicants must fill out a written application form and provide a proof of identification
  2. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present to sign their library card application
  3. The library will issue one card free of charge. Users will be charged a fee of $1.00 for a replacement card

Use of Library Cards

Users can maintain full library privileges by:

  1. Returning materials on or before the due date
  2. Paying for lost or damaged materials
  3. Keeping the amount of money owed below $5.00
  4. Promptly informing the library of any change of address or phone number

Limits on Borrowing

  1. Users may have up to 8 items checked out on a library card with DVD’s accounting for 4 of the items checked out.
  2. Users may check out items for up to two weeks
  3. Items may be renewed in person, over the phone, or online for an additional two weeks if items are not on reserve for another user
  4. A fee of $.10 per day per item will be charged for items returned more than one day after the due date including items from the rotating collection
  5. Fines per item will not exceed $3.00
  6. Users with fines of $5.00 or over will not be able to check out materials until balance is completely paid
  7. Overdue books may be renewed to stop the accumulation of fines but must be returned or paid for before new items can be checked out
  8. Reference books and rare or historically valuable books will not be available for check out.
  9. The Clay Center Carnegie Library permits bulk loans to institutions in Clay County including public and private schools, Head Start and the Apollo Towers housing complex. The number of items is variable and made at the discretion of the librarian. Loan periods are 30 days for public and private schools, preschools, and 60 days for Apollo Towers.

Lost or Damage Materials

  1. Lost materials will be billed to the users account at the replacement price for the lost item. Items returned damaged that are repairable may be assessed a $5.00 repair fee
  2. Items returned damaged that are beyond repair will be billed to the users account at the replacement price of the damaged item
  3. The library staff reserves the right to determine items repairable or not repairable


  1. Users in good standing may request reserves on materials currently checked out to another user
  2. Reserves will be held at the adult or children’s circulation date for one week before the item is returned to the shelf or given to the next user on reserve

Interlibrary Loans

  1. Users may request to borrow items from other Kansas libraries on interlibrary loan if the item is not owned or available by the Clay Center Carnegie Library
  2. The number of items loaned through the interlibrary loan is variable and at the discretion of the interlibrary loan librarian.
  3. Interlibrary loans can only be renewed with the approval of the interlibrary loan librarian if requested prior to the due date
  4. Interlibrary loan is a courtesy provided by other Kansas libraries and users may be blocked from placing interlibrary loans if materials are consistently returned late, damaged, or if items are lost by the user. A fee of $1.00 per day per item, up to $10.00, will be charged for items returned more than one day after the due date. If items are not returned users will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item as billed by the lending library.
  5. The user agrees to pay any fees charged by the lending library for providing an interlibrary loan item