Community Room Use

The Clay Center Carnegie Library has a basement Community Room for use for meetings, classes, workshops, and community events.  The Community Room is a meeting room and is not available for social parties i.e. birthdays, showers, dinners, or anniversaries.

The Clay Center Carnegie Library reserves the right to prohibit use of the facilities by those who have, in the past, damaged, created disturbances, or in any way failed to properly use or maintain the facility. Failure to pay the use fee also will eliminate future use of the facilities by that person or private enterprise.

The Community Room is available on a first come-first serve basis.  It is reserved for library use before any other group or individual. The Clay Center Carnegie Library also reserves the right to re-arrange meeting room assignments for the most effective use of the spaces.

There is a $25 charge for use and cleaning of the Community Room for any for-profit groups or meetings requiring a fee to attend.  Non-profit groups may use the Community Room free of charge.  All fees associated with the use of the room are to be paid at the time the group or individual arrives for the meeting.  At this time a Community Room Use Agreement must be signed.  Individuals or groups should notify the library of any cancellations.

Individuals or groups using the meeting room may have access to the library’s projector, podium, tables, chairs, and kitchen (sink, microwave, and refrigerator).  The individual or group assumes responsibility for the care of this equipment and may be billed for any damage.  Light refreshments, excluding alcoholic beverages, may be served with the individual or group providing all paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, etc.).  The individual or group agrees to return tables and chairs to the storage room and clean the Community Room and/or kitchen of trash or mess from the meeting.

A responsible adult supervisor must be in attendance at all times. This adult must accept responsibility for the conduct of the group using the facility, responsibility for the care of the facility and any equipment, and must also guarantee payment of the fees.

The Clay Center Carnegie Library is a non-smoking facility.

Any group using the facility assumes full responsibility for personal loss or injury. The library assumes no responsibility of any kind nor provides insurance to cover medical or dental injuries or accidents, hospitalizations and or disability for individuals using the facility. The Library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or items brought into the facility or any liability which might arise through use of the facility.

Meeting room use shall not conflict with library operation.  All meeting must take place during regular library hours and the library will not open for meetings outside of the regular library hours.  Please be considerate of public library users by keeping noise and the volume of audio presentations at a moderate level during meetings.

Groups using the meeting rooms may not use adhesive tapes or hang items of any kind on any surface of the room. This includes walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or any other surface. Groups and individuals using the rooms will be billed for the labor to remove tape and for the damage to any surface caused by tape.