Internet and Technology Use Policy


The Library is committed to the principles of intellectual freedom and the freedom to access information from a variety of sources.  The Internet is an information resource that enables public library users to access a diverse variety of information beyond that contained in the library’s own collection.  Some content which the library does not control may be offensive or may be illegal under the laws of the State of Kansas.

Library Responsibilities 

The Library provides Internet access for education and research in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.  The Library uses Internet filtering software and/or other means to block content on all of its Internet access computers.

Internet User Responsibilities 

Users must sign in to use the computers.

Users are limited to one hour on the adult computers and 30 minutes on the children’s computer.

Users agree to relinquish their computer when their time is finished if another library patron is waiting or at the request of the library staff.

The library offers limited support to users needing involved computer assistance. Staff may be available for one-on-one assistance by appointment.

The Library does not have the legal authority to act “in loco parentis” (in place of parents) and library staff is not responsible for your child’s use of the Internet.

Users may download files from a Web site directly to any supported portable storage media but may not download files to the computer hard drive.

Users shall:

Respect the legal protection provided by copyright license to software, books, articles and other electronic files.

Respect the privacy of others.

Users shall not:

Access illegal Internet sites as defined by state and federal laws.

Access web pages or sites that contain materials that are defined in Kansas statutes as “harmful to minors” (KSA 21-4301c) or “obscene” (KSA 21-4301.)

Gain or try to gain unauthorized access to restricted resources or entities.

“Hack into or interfere” with other users, system operations, integrity or security of the library computer system or any other computer system

Attempt to gain access to another person’s files or passwords

Intentionally obtain copies or modify files, passwords or data that belong to the Library or its users.

Harass others with messages, prints, images, cyber bullying or software programs.

Load or run any software other than that which resides on the library’s computers.

Tamper with, mishandle, damage or attempt to damage computer hardware or software.

Interfere with, deliberately attempt to circumvent, or tamper with the filtering software.


The Library makes printing from library computers available at a nominal charge.  The first five printed pages are free for educational purposes.  Copies must be paid for before they may be taken from the library building.

Limitation of Liability 

The Library assumes no liability for loss or damage to the user’s data, the user’s portable storage media or for any damage or injury arising from invasion of the user’s privacy or from viruses that may infect the user’s portable storage media or files.  The Library cannot guarantee that Internet filters will block offensive and /or illegal materials.

Internet Use by Minors

Any child age 17 or below must have an “Internet Permission Form” signed by a parent/guardian before they are permitted to use the library’s computers.  Children under the age of 14 will be required to take an Online Safety Quiz before using the library computers. Children under the age of seven will not be allowed on the library computers without supervision.

Enforcement and consequences for violating policy 

The Library monitors public computers for violations of this policy. Staff is authorized to take immediate action to protect the security of computers and the network or to enforce any part of this policy.  This includes requiring a user to leave the computer or the premises and contacting law enforcement authorities. A user may request the Library Board reconsider this policy by making a written request to the Library Director.

***Use of the Library’s computers constitutes agreement with this policy.***