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Here are some links for GED testing:

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Are you 16 or older?

The GED® exam is a four-subject high school equivalency test that measures skills in four subjects:  Science, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. Click here for more information on the Kansas GED!

Are you 21 or older?

The Kansas Pathway to Career High School Equivalency program was designed for the busy adult who has not completed their high school education nor is currently enrolled in a high school program. You can work toward your high school diploma as well as obtain a college certificate or credential. Click here for more information!

START NOW by contacting a Kansas adult education center near you or by calling 785-430-4289. 

As we develop free handouts, practice tests, and review guides about ACT & SAT test preparation and college admissions, we will post them here. (This is not a complete list.) All of the questions and materials are original, copyrighted creations by BWS Education Consulting. Feel free to use and share however you see fit–please just link to BWS Education Consulting. If you need additional help, please sign up for an individual online SAT and ACT tutor who will teach you with our Socrates online tutoring platform. Thank you!

SAT and GRE Vocabulary Study Guide with 1,000 Words

Practice ACT English Test

Practice ACT Math Test

Practice ACT Reading Test

Practice ACT Science Test

Practice SAT Reading Test

Practice SAT Writing and Language Test

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